Known issues & temporarily disabled features

Temporarily Disable Features

We’ve temporarily disabled the below features to optimize their functionality. They will be back soon and the list here will be updated accordingly:

  1. Reversio - disabled to optimize the renko building process for small/less liquid exchanges
  2. Illustrate settings - disabled for Barcode and Grido to better present them in a more meaningful way
  3. LBank - disabled to fix order placement

Known issues
1. HitBTC keeps canceling and redeploying asks when there’s available base amount no matter how small it is.
It’s because HitBTC sets very low threshold for minimum cost per order while cutting off full amount to be certain digits. For example: it usually happens with xxx/BTC pairs where your available base amount is just 0.0001 xxx which is equivalent to nothing in BTC but the minimum cost per order is set by HitBTC to be 0.000000001; hence, Alvisio keeps trying to take that 0.0001 xxx into its ask ladder.
This does not affect your trading and only spams your terminal. The issue will be fixed in the next update.