Reversio's illustration/simulation prototype

Hi everyone,

Here’s an illustration/simulation demo for our Reversio strategy. We’re adding bells and whistles to it but the core is there.

This means that not only can we illustrate your bot settings on the chart like what we did with M2 (and Grido plus Barcode in the upcoming update) but we also can simulate how Reversio would have performed.

This also means that with the simulation in place we can, in the near future, generate P&L and other trading metrics for you to consider, adjust, and review your bot settings.

And finally, this also means that we can possibly optimize the bot settings and provide you with our suggestion. All would happen before you run your bots. :smile:



Some more:

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Nice update ! I can’t wait to try it

Some more updates for Reversio:

and M2 (not the right thread, but still ^^):

We’re almost there. Please stay tuned! :wink:

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Reversio make very clean chart !